• Sylvanian Families Darwin Monkey Family

Sylvanian Families Darwin Monkey Family - Euro Version

Meet the Darwin Family: Father Geoff, Mother Shirley and Sister Katie. You can hear the Darwins from a mile off because of the cheeky giggle of their daughter, Katie, who acts like a little monkey sometimes.

Father Geoff knows more about nature than anyone in Sylvanian Village. He’s a famous botanist and spends his days in the forest searching for flowers and plants, looking high and low for the rarest kinds. He is completely devoted to his work and loves nothing better than discovering an interesting new fern or orchid. Geoff always brings his wife home a big bunch of flowers to let her know how much she means to him which Mother Shirley just loves and spends her time carefully drawing them.

Mother Shirley is an artist and some of her hardest works have been the flowers that Geoff brings home. Her sketches are so detailed that once it took her over a week to draw a simple buttercup! Shirley’s arm was aching afterwards but she and Geoff thought it was worth waiting for. They popped the sketch up in a frame in their living room and it takes pride of place above the log fire in their house.

Shirley also likes baking and decorating her cakes with colourful sugar flowers. She frequently helps Eleanor Bramble out at the Brick Oven Bakery when she needs a helping hand and she is thanked with an armful of croissants for her family.

Sister Katie is one of the best gymnasts in Sylvanian Village and spends her days swinging on bars, balancing on beams and somersaulting over the floor – she’s the best cartwheeler in her class and can cartwheel for miles and miles! Sometimes she falls down but she gets right back up, dusts herself off and starts all over again.

Sylvanian Families Darwin Monkey Family

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