Sylvanian Families Hamburger Restaurant - Euro Version

The Hamburger Restaurant is perfect for all the family. There's plenty of seating inside and out and there is even a drive through service. Sylvanians can now enjoy freshly made hamburgers in an enjoyable environment.  This set includes kitchen counter, cash register, drink server, 2 tables, 6 chairs, hamburgers, french fries, cups and some other accessories.

Sycamore Cottage and Cedar Terrace can be placed on top of the Restaurant. Beechwood Hall can be added to make a wonderful extension to the restaurant or to create a large family dwelling.

Note: Figures not included.


Sylvanian Families Hamburger Restaurant

  • Product Code: TESF018609
  • Availability: In Stock
  • RM169.99

Tags: Sylvanian Families, Sylvanian Families Euro Version, Sylvanian Families Hamburger Restaurant



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